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Welcome to our 2014/15 Diary with dates for all of our workshops and events for the year ahead!

With an expanded range of workshops, there is something for everyone this year at Bay Tree Cottage. For further details about any of the activities or to book your place, just click on the subject header. 


Unless otherwise stated, timings for all workshops are as follows:  

  • One day workshops - 9.30am to 3pm (includes homemade lunch and refreshments).  
  • Half day workshops - 9.30am  to 12.30pm (includes homemade cake and refreshments).  
  • Half day cookery Workshops with lunch - 9.30am to 1.30pm (Monday to Friday) or 10am to 2pm (Saturdays) (includes refreshments as well as the lunch).
  • Evening workshops - 7pm to 9pm (includes homemade cake and refreshments).  

    October 2014

  1. Wednesday 22 October (Half Day AM): 

    Italian Fish and Seafood

  2. Thursday 23 October (Half Day AM): 

    Harvest and Halloween Flowers

  3. Thursday 23 October (One Day): 

    An Introduction to Printmaking

  4. Friday 24 October (One Day): 

    Fungi Foraging

  5. Saturday 25 October (One Day): 

    Fungi Foraging

  6. Wednesday 29 October (Half Day AM): 

    Artisan Bread Making for Teenagers

  7. Thursday 30 October (Half Day AM): 

    Thai Cookery for Teenagers

  8. Friday 31 October (Half Day AM): 

    Italian Desserts for Teenagers

  9. November 2014

  10. Saturday 1 November (Half Day AM): 

    Speciality Bread

  11. Tuesday 4 November (One Day): 

    Book Binding and Journals with Coptic Stitching

  12. Wednesday 5 November (Half Day AM): 

    Soups and Sidebits - Autumn

  13. Wednesday 5 November (Evening): 

    Winter Food and Wine Pairing

  14. Thursday 6 November (Evening): 

    Flavours of Morocco

  15. Thursday 6 November (One Day): 

    Stained Glass (Leaded Panel)

  16. Thursday 6 November (Half Day AM): 

    Beaded and Wire Jewellery

  17. Friday 7 November (Evening): 

    Bay Tree Cottage Curry Club - Pau Bhaji

  18. Friday 7 November (Half Day AM): 

    Artisan Bread Making

  19. Saturday 8 November (One Day): 

    Wedding Flowers

  20. Monday 10 November (Half Day AM): 

    Felt Making

  21. Tuesday 11 November (Half Day AM): 

    Cooking with Game

  22. Tuesday 11 November (Evening): 

    Paper Bead and Jewellery Making

  23. Tuesday 11 November (Course): 

    Traditional Upholstery

  24. Thursday 13 November (Half Day AM): 

    Christmas Sausages and Stuffings

  25. Thursday 13 November (Evening): 

    Sushi Made Simple

  26. Saturday 15 November (Half Day AM): 

    Basic Butchery - A Three Bird Roast

  27. Tuesday 18 November (One Day): 

    Life Drawing

  28. Wednesday 19 November (Evening): 

    Christmas Chocolates - Demonstration and Tasting Evening

  29. Wednesday 19 November (Half Day AM): 

    Sweet Breads & Croissants

  30. Thursday 20 November (Half Day AM): 

    Contemporary Flowers

  31. Friday 21 November (Evening): 

    Christmas Pud and Mincemeat

  32. Friday 21 November (Half Day AM): 

    Prepare Ahead Dinner Party Entertaining

  33. Saturday 22 November (One Day): 

    Stained Glass Christmas Decorations

  34. Tuesday 25 November (Evening): 

    Christmas Canapes

  35. Wednesday 26 November (Half Day AM): 

    Italian Breads

  36. Thursday 27 November (Course): 

    Lino Printing Christmas Cards (1st of 2 evenings)

  37. Friday 28 November (One Day): 

    A Victorian Christmas

  38. Saturday 29 November (Half Day AM): 

    Moroccan Cookery

  39. December 2014

  40. Tuesday 2 December (Half Day AM): 

    Delicious Christmas Desserts

  41. Wednesday 3 December (Evening): 

    Wines for Christmas

  42. Thursday 4 December (Course): 

    Lino Printing Christmas Cards (2nd of 2 evenings)

  43. Friday 5 December (Half Day AM): 

    Festive Bread Making

  44. Saturday 6 December (Half Day PM): 

    Christmas Wreaths (afternoon workshop)

  45. Saturday 6 December (Half Day AM): 

    Christmas Wreaths (morning workshop)

  46. Sunday 7 December (Half Day PM): 

    Christmas Wreaths (afternoon workshop)

  47. Sunday 7 December (Half Day AM): 

    Christmas Wreaths (morning workshop)

  48. Monday 8 December (One Day): 

    Christmas Cake Decorating

  49. Saturday 13 December (Half Day PM): 

    Christmas Wreaths (afternoon workshop)

  50. Saturday 13 December (Half Day AM): 

    Christmas Wreaths (morning workshop)

  51. Sunday 14 December (Half Day AM): 

    Christmas Wreaths (morning workshop)

  52. Sunday 14 December (Half Day PM): 

    Christmas Wreaths (afternoon workshop)

  53. Wednesday 17 December (Half Day AM): 

    Italian Christmas Treats

  54. Thursday 18 December (Half Day AM): 

    Christmas Flowers

  55. January 2015

  56. Friday 23 January (Half Day AM): 

    Pruning Fruit Trees

  57. Thursday 29 January (Half Day AM): 

    Marvellous Marmalade

  58. February 2015

  59. Saturday 7 February (Half Day AM): 

    Pruning Fruit Trees

  60. May 2015

  61. Saturday 9 May (One Day): 

    Spring Foraging