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No Cook Autumn Chutney




  • 4lb (1.8kg) chopped onions
  • 4lb (1.8kg) chopped apples
  • 2lb (907grams) chopped dates
  • 2lb (907grams) chopped apricots
  • 2lb (907 grams) sultanas
  • 3 pints malt vinegar
  • 4lb (1.8kg) dark brown sugar
  • 8tbs curry powder
  • Salt and pepper to taste



·         Salt and pepper to taste

This is the easiest chutney to make and it tastes wonderful!




Put all the ingredients into a large china bowl and mix thoroughly.


Leave for 36 hours, stirring occasionally, and then put into warm sterilised jars.




It is wonderful with cheese and ham, or try it under grated cheese on a piece of toast to make the best ever Welsh rarebit!




But you don’t have to eat it a hurry – it will keep for months, if not years!


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