Based in the heart of rural Northamptonshire, at Bay Tree Cottage we run a wonderful and diverse range of art, craft, gardening, floristry, foraging and cookery workshops.

Rediscover traditional crafts from your grandparents’ era, master culinary skills from around the world, create a piece of artwork for your home, or embrace the festive season with homemade gifts, goodies & decorations!

Coming up soon . . .

  • A Winter Afternoon Tea


    There’s nothing more indulgent and relaxing than sharing afternoon tea with friends or loved ones, so why not come along and discover the secrets of preparing this quintessentially British pastime?

  • Corn Dollies


    If you have ever been fascinated by this ancient craft, join us for this half-day workshop with our local Country Craftsman, Bert Manton, and learn the practical skills involved in weaving corn dollies, suitable for complete beginners!