Based in the heart of rural Northamptonshire, at Bay Tree Cottage we run a wonderful and diverse range of art, craft, gardening, floristry, foraging and cookery workshops.

Rediscover traditional crafts from your grandparents’ era, master culinary skills from around the world, create a piece of artwork for your home, or embrace the festive season with homemade gifts, goodies & decorations!

Coming up soon . . .

  • Game Cookery


    Come and join us for this evening cookery masterclass and learn how to cook with a range of game (scroll down for more information)

  • Marvellous Marmalade


    The first truly seasonal fruit of the year, Seville oranges are only in season for just a few weeks! Learn how to justice to this zesty fruit and join us for this hands-on half day workshop and we will show you all the techniques, demonstrate various methods and share a few great shortcuts to create your own Marvellous Marmalade!

  • Pruning Fruit Trees


    Pruning is an essential part of the maintenance of your fruit tree or bush, but it is also a bewildering subject! This half day work shop will show you how to prune and care for your fruit trees to ensure that they remain healthy and yield maximum crops.