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Busy Bees, Local Honey … and life in a Northants Apiary!

In recent times we have all been made very aware of the importance that Bees play in the natural world …just think about your breakfast; if there were no bees, there would be no orange juice on your table, there would be no jam, no honey.

In regions of China where the bee population has been wiped out, you see men on ladders using paintbrushes to pollinate the fruit trees. Can you imagine the cost of our food if we had to do that all ourselves?

By taking positive steps to save the bee population, Beekeeping has become a popular new hobby for many people and could be your next step to self-sufficiency!

To embrace this new movement, Darren Jeacock, a local beekeeper in Northamptonshire, will be joining forces with Bay Tree Cottage next week to begin a new Bee Keeping Workshop. This series of four evening workshops will help both beginners and those with a basic knowledge of Bee Keeping, develop and enhance their understanding about bees and what it involves to look after them.

Darren, who has been keeping bees for many years and has currently 10 active hives in 5 Apiaries around the village of Syresham says: “The more time you spend with bees, the more you get drawn into their amazing world! Their organization and behavior make them a fascinating and entertaining species, and the honey they produce is lovely too!”

Darren is passionate about his Bees and will share his knowledge and enthusiasm on the workshops to give participants a detailed introduction to Bee Keeping over the four evening classes, to include:

Week 1: The Lifecycle (…and importance) of Bees, their Hive & their habits.
Week 2: Hive Management & Handling the Bees
Week 3: Harvesting your Honey
Week 4: Keeping a Healthy Hive throughout the Year

The evening workshops will be followed by a Saturday morning visit to Darren’s hives when participants will be able to see the bees in action!

Darren will bring a complete range of equipment and tools that you need to get started and some of his own honey for you to sample!

Jenny Dicks from Bay Tree Cottage says ‘We are very excited about this new workshop and hope to have our own Bee Hives at Bay Tree Cottage soon!’

‘If you are interested in bee keeping and love the idea of keeping your own bees and harvesting your own honey, then come and join us next week! You’ll even get to try some of our Spiced Honey Cake made using some of Darren’s local honey!’

The four evenings will be held on the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd of May 2012 and will cost £60 per person (inc Saturday Apiary visit).

 For further information and to book your place, please visit Bay Tree Cottage website at www.btcworkshops.co.uk or call 01327 361720


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