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Pruning your fruit trees to yield maximum crops 


Pruning Workshops at Bay Tree Cottage …getting your garden into shape in 2014!

 With so many different garden plants and trees requiring different pruning techniques and regimes, pruning can be a bewildering subject! But it is an essential garden task …if done well, your plants will flourish; but if done incorrectly, it can take a long time for the damage to be rectified and for the plant to recover! […]

Sweet Peas:

Plant now to enjoy their sensational colour and fragrance this Summer!   I love Sweet Peas! They are just one of those quintessentially beautiful cottage garden flowers that are a delight to grow and have the ability to fill your garden (and your home!) with beautiful sweetly scented blooms in a variety of wonderful colours. […]

From Chicken Shed to Compost Bin!

A couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, I spent the morning clearing out our Chicken Shed … our hens are not laying at the moment so I thought that a nice clean house might encourage them to produce a few eggs for me!!   I had a my team of helpers with me …my two […]