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Sushi Made Simple

Join our evening workshop on Thursday 22 February from 7-9pm and discover all the skills you will need to make your own delicious and beautiful plates of sushi at home.
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Our tutor Rashmita Shah will share her expertise and experience, providing step-by-step tuition to show you how simple making sushi can be. You’ll start by learning how to make the perfect sushi rice and then use a traditional Japanese bamboo rolling mat to create a maki roll wrapped in nori (seaweed) and an inside-out sushi roll known as Uramaki. Once you’ve mastered the basics you can use your imagination and all the ingredients available to create your own bespoke range. The evening will end with you sitting down to an amazing banquet of all the sushi that has been created, accompanied by a glass of wine (or saki!)

All the sushi made during the evening will be vegetarian, but you’ll leave with the skills and techniques to make your own fish versions at home. You’ll never return to supermarket sushi again!

To book your place please click here or call 01327 361720






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