Here is some feedback from our workshop attendees:-

“We have really enjoyed ourselves, I love how chilled it all was.  So much choice for everything.  The lunch was absolutely delcious.” Chocolate Making, August 2017

“The Tutor was very relaxed and made the event very enjoyable.” Hen Party, August 2017

“Linda is lovely and I love how passionate she is.  Could not be happier.” Flower Arranging Hen Party, August 2017

“Bert is an excellent teacher and his expertise, patience and good humour made the workshop very helpful as well as fun. It was very satisfying to make a start on learning a new skill.  This was the first time I’d been to Bay Tree Cottage and I came away with a very positive impression indeed.  I will look forward to booking on other courses/workshops in the future.” Willow Plant Supports, April 2017

“Fabulous workshop.   Really enjoyed the morning.  Thank you.”  Christmas Wreaths, December 2016

“Brilliant – learnt so much.   Thoroughly enjoyed the course.”  Lino Print Christmas Cards, November 2016

“I had a great time and the whole group was absolutley lovely” – Lino Print Christmas Cards, November 2016

“Exceptional value for money” – Summer Tapas, June 2016

“Thank you for a lovely evening.   You obviously put in a lot of hard work!”  Summer Tapas, June 2016

“Very informative and much enjoyed”   Pruning Fruit Trees, January 2016

“Really good teacher.   Very interesting.”  Corn Dollies, June 2015

“A thoroughly enjoyable day with lovely food.”  Wire Sculpture, June 2015

“Tutor extremely knowledgeable and generous with tips.”  Gluten Free Bread and Pastry, June 2015

“Thank you Jenny.  Great Day.  Have learnt loads.”  Sweet Dough and Croissants, May 2015

“Our tutor was so patient and helpful.”  Willow Plant Supports, April 2015

“Thank you – it was great fun and a relaxed atmosphere – just right!”   Hen Party, April 2015

“Second to none – a great day with the kids.  A great value for money day.”  Easter Eggs for Primary School Children, March 2015

“Brilliant.  Couldn’t have enjoyed it more!  Thank you.”  Private Curry Evening, February 2015

“Lots of extra hints and tips.  Excellent Value for Money.”  Italian Breads, February 2015

“Entertaining and Fun!”  Italian Breads, February 2015

“10/10.  Thank you for a really productive and fun day.” Artisan Bread Making, February 2015

“Very knowledgeable Tutor.”  Marvellous Marmalade, January 2015

“Thoroughly enjoyable and friendly.” Marvellous Marmalade, January 2015

“Super workshop.  Would, and have, recommend to anyone.  Thank you.” Stained Glass Christmas Decorations, November 2014

“A lovely way to spend a saturday morning and surprisingly relaxing too!”   Speciality Bread, November 2014

“Geoff was a true expert.   Thank you for making us so welcome – will be back”  Fungi Foraging, September 2014

“Very worthwhile course for the money.  Will do it again!  Very informative and useful”   Fungi Foraging, September 2014

“Very inspiring and Informative” – Tricolore Pasta Making, September 2014

“Can’t believe how much I achieved in only a morning”  Artisan Bread Making, July 2014

“Had a really good time and really impressed with all the goodies to take home.” Artisan Bread Making, July 2014

“Very enjoyable Morning – thank you.”  Artisan Bread Making, July 2014

“Very good to have the printed notes to take away.  Thank you for a brilliant day.”  Hen Party, August 2014

“Thank you so much Jenny.  What a wonderful day, food and learning!” Hen Party, August 2014

“Really enjoyed it – very hands on and relaxed.  Achieved lots.  Food excellent and good company.” Printmaking, May 2014

“A really good day out.  Very friendly.” Printmaking, May 2014

“Excellent morning.  We’re feeling inspired.  Thank you.”  Mediterranean Bread, May 2014

“Bert was very friendly and helpful.”  Willow Plant Supports, April 2014

“Brilliant Tuition”.  Willow Plant Supports, April 2014

“Relaxed, informative and engaging”. Artisan Bread Making, March 2014

“Very clear instruction.  Perfect sized group to get individual attention if necessary.”  Artisan Bread Making, March 2014

“Inspired!  Ready for action.”  – Drum Lampshades, March 2014

“LOVED it – really sociable and great fun” – Drum Lampshades, March 2014

“The course was well structured, with a sustained focus and with a very effective communication style from Suzanne.”  – SLR Photography, February 2014

“Excellent Demo and practical activity.  All questions very well answered.” – Italian Breads, February 2014

“Loved Carmela – Great with the Kids.  My girls loved it.” – Pasta and Pesto for Primary School Children, February 2014

“Will certainly knows his stuff and wasn’t afraid to let us loose on his trees!” – Pruning Fruit Trees, February 2014

“Two hours of super fun – made all the kids feel included” Saturday Morning Cook Club, February 2014

“Very lucky to be in a small group – genuinely great value” Artisan Bread Making, January 2014

“Really Friendly.  Easy to ask questions.  Very informative and enjoyable.” Curry Club,November 2013

“Fantastic Fun Evening.” Curry Club, November 2013

“So much information in a small demonstration.  My Christmas evenings are going to be amazing this year.”  Canapes, Dips and Nibbles, November 2013

“Fab !”.  Peg Loom Weaving, November 2013

“Outstanding, just amazing.  Such a nice place for workshops”.  Collograph Printing – October 2013

“Terrific, thank you.  I will be making all of the recipes!” Cook Now, Eat Later – October 2013

“Brilliant, friendly atmosphere – will be back!”  Curry Club, October 2013

“We love these workshops.” Curry Club, October 2013

“Very clear with plenty of material – restaurant quality food” Wire Sculpture, October 2013

“Interesting to try lots of types of mushrooms – a delicious lunch”  Fungi Foraging, September 2013

 “We had another great morning cooking.  Learned such a lot again and in a great enjoyable atmosphere”  Speciality Bread, September 2013

“Oliver and Grandma thoroughly enjoyed themselves” – Pasta and Pesto, August 2013

“Really enjoyable and educational for the kids” – Primary Pizza, Salad and Dough Balls, August 2013

“Many useful tips not found in recipe books” – Artisan Bread Making, July 2013

“Another Great Day.  Thank you.”  Corn Dollies, June 2013 

“Found the time went far too quickly – would have liked it to be longer!”  Corn Dollies, June 2013

“An excellent evening with great food as usual.  Thanks a lot”  Curry Club, June 2013

“Good selection of yummie chocolates – very impressed about how much was covered.”  Elderflower Champagne and Chocolates, June 2013

“Thank you so much for a fantastic evening.  We’ve had such a good time.”  Elderflower Champagne and Chocolates, June 2013

“Lynsey is a great teacher.  She lets you try for yourself but is on hand to help when you need it.  Beautiful home cooked food.  I can’t wait to do another course here!”   Wire Sculpture, June 2013

“A lovely day – thoroughly enjoyable and a beautiful venue.  Will love to come again.”  Botanical Drawing, June 2013

 “A great evening – and has given me lots of ideas.  Thank you.”  Summer Tapas, June 2013

“Had a lovely time – thank you very much.” Primary Pizza and Pasta, May 2013

“All 3 children allsaid they would like to come back”  Primary Pizza and Pasta, May 2013

“It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.  I would recommend it to other people because they would like it too.” Chocolates for Teenagers, May 2013

“My children loved it and enjoyed this morning very much.  We will be back”  Cakes and Bakes for Primary School Children, May 2013

“Very fun day, girls enjoyed themselves.  Great idea for school holidays. Look forward to more”  Cakes and Bakes for Primary School Children, May 2013

“Really good evening and made to feel very welcome” – Curry Club, May 2013

 “Had a fantastic Curry this evening – thank you!” – Curry Club 2013

“Very interactive, which is great” – Curry Club, May 2013

“Rashmita is fab.  Loved it.” Curry Club, May 2013

“Another good, interesting, informative course” – Artisan Bread Making, April 2013

“Excellent teacher in a great venue.  Made a lot more than I thought we could” – Artisan Bread Making, April 2013

“The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves in a relaxing and well organised environment – thank you” – Feastive Easter Baking, April 2013

“Really Enjoyable – good group.”  Cutting Garden, March 2013

My first workshop.  Very informative and enjoyable workshop.”  Cutting Garden, March 2013

“Lovely relaxed and beautiful surroundings and hospitality.  Really enjoyed”  Handmade Paper Making, March 2013

“Wonderful morning.  Feeling inspired”  Delicious Desserts, March 2013

 “A very friendly and welcoming day.  Good environment for fun, enjoyment and learning new things!”  Moroccan Feast, February 2013

“I am inspired to sort out our fruit trees we’ve “ignored” for 30 years ! ”  Pruning Fruit Trees, February 2013

“Very informative and enjoyable.  Great Cakes”  Pruning Fruit Trees, February 2013

“Lovely Place.  Very welcoming, Enjoyed it.”  Pruning Fruit Trees, February 2013

 ‘Thanks again for a great day.  You made me laugh when you said baking is better than therapy…I think you’re right!!’  Winter Cupcakes, November 2012

Hi Jenny…. Jo and l enjoyed our collograph workshop at Bay Tree…. although it was a little rushed Thursday evening… it did’nt detract from a really enjoyable time….We both felt lain inspired us to do more…. And your food is wonderful… Pumpkin soup in a pumpkin was lovely… you certainly go the extra mile to make the whole experience very enjoyable….”

Many thanks for a fabulous morning, everybody had a really good time, enjoying your tuition and cakes/chocolates and we all came away with a unique wreath. Mine is hanging in my hall and by accident is under lit by a table lamp which really brings out that lime green which is great but I would never have thought of using it myself.”  Christmas Wreaths, December 2012

“Very friendly host, very encouraging – will definitely come back for another session”  Christmas Chocolates, December 2012

“I never thought Pasta and Gnocchi would be so easy.  Thanks for a great day”  Pasta and Gnocchi, December 2012

“A very enjoyable day.  Good fun.  Gnocchi tasted so much better than the shop bought variety”  Pasta and Gnocchi, December 2012

“Another fantastic day at Bay Tree Cottage.  Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend coming here for a fun packed day”  Victorian Christmas, November 2012

“I could have watched Janet all day.  She helped me to create something beautiful as a total beginner” Pedestal Flower Arrangements, November 2012

“incredibly useful – just the right timing too!”  Pedestal Flower Arrangements, November 2012

 “Great fun – which is crucial!”  Sizzling Sausages, November 2012

“I have had a wonderful day – looking forward to coming back!”  Fungi Foraging, October 2012

“Had a fantastic day, can’t wait to book and visit again.  Thank you.”  Paper Making, September 2012

“Great experience.  Lovely setting and I have learned a lot.  Will recommend”  Bread Making, September 2012

“Had a great morning – would have liked a whole day!  Look forward to next time”  Proddy Rugs, September 2012

“Very good.  Everybody received excellent help and advice”  Proddy Rugs, September 2012